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1. 使用安裝的 ASTER 軟體對電腦的系統需求是什麼?

1.1 A PC-architecture computer, a notebook

It is recommended to use a notebook either with the discrete video adapter or the integrated video adapter.

Otherwise, if the notebook uses both video adapter types you will not be able to employ the discrete video card for ASTER needs.

1.2 ОС Windows 7/8/8.1 (except Win7 Starter, as it cannot be connected to several monitors)

There exists the formal support of server systems starting from 2008 R2 however ASTER has not been tested with them, and the correct performance of all server functions is not guaranteed. The user undertakes a commitment to perform preliminary testing of the required server functionality with ASTER.

* There are versions for Windows XP(x32), however their support is limited and no upgrading is underway.

1.3 The availability for every user of additional:

– entry units (keyboard/mouse);

– monitors or TV sets;

– required number of video inputs to connect all monitors.

1.4 Requirements to video cards: (refers only to ASTER V7)

– only GeForce, Radeon and integrated Intel series are supported;

– the video card must have an all-in-one WDDM-video driver;

– for multiple sets, it is desirable to use not the top display card models which take up one slot, but not overclocked ones, with a smaller video memory;

– provide good ventilation and sufficient video card power supply;

– not to use SLI/CrossFire modes.

– not install or at least not use the video driver applications with the ASTER power-on such as 3D Vision, HydraVision etc., to do it, during the driver installation you have to select a user-operation mode which allows for choosing the required components;

With Windows XP, the user has to test the required equipment with ASTER in advance and all by himself.

Requirements to input devices:

– not install any additional drivers/utilities for keyboard and mouse.

– if more than one wireless set is used the mutual interaction is possible so it is advisable to check their operation on buying.

The input devices such as joystick, touch input control, Xbox controller etc. can be used only in the first workplace.

The computer generated signature on eToken/ruToken also can be employed in the first workplace only.

The computer generated signature on an ordinary USB stick or floppy will be available for use in all workplaces.

1.5. The HDD volume should be sufficient for OS installation and requirements of all users.

In the case of the number of places more than one and depending on the tasks performed, the load on disk may be great particularly with the insufficient random access memory, so it would be better to choose a higher speed disk.

1.6. The RAM amount should meet the requirements of tasks to be run on PC.

In total, a number of RAM is a composite of:

– Memory necessary for OS run (Win XP – 64Mb; Win 7 and Win 8 – 1Gb/2Gb for x32 and x64 accordingly)

– 500 Mb on average for each workplace.

It should be sufficient for account loading and required applications’ start-up.

Accordingly, an approximate minimum amount of RAM for Win 7/8 per 6 users will as follows:

1 Gb (for OS) +500*6 = 4 Gb

Nevertheless, for 6- workplace configuration it would be better to use 6-8 Gb and more.

RAM is an easily scalable PC resource since at any moment a couple of RAM-cards may be added, and if the mother card lacks additional slots, the oversize modules can be used instead. However the best of all would be to follow the rule “the more RAM the better”, naturally within reasonable limits. However for x32 OS versions more than 4 Gb cannot be used anyway, and due to redundancy of the part of address space for video RAM, the amount of accessible memory in OS can decrease to 3 Gb and less. So launching more than two ASTER workplaces on x32 systems may result in deficiency in RAM for resource-intensive application execution.

1.7 Processor throughput

There is no univocal correspondence between the number of active workplaces and processor throughput because it depends on the number of simultaneously working users, a total number of launched applications and a degree of their need in processor resources. Non-demanding (“light”) applications are standard desktop applications – Microsoft Word, Excel, browsers, e-mail clients, and alike, i.e. those which load CPU as small as possible. Among more or less demanding applications there is 1С:Enterprise with small databases (up to 2 Gb). “Heavy” applications are, for example, processing applications/photo rendering/video, games and similar software.

Therefore, having made a rough estimate of tasks to be run on PC, one can specify an approximate processor throughput. Generally, in CPU selection it would be better to follow the rule “one place one kernel”, in which case a CPU frequency is of little consequence.

1.8 A possible distance between workplaces is completely dependent on:

– type and quality of leads to connect additional workplaces;

– electromagnetic environment in cable runs and locations of remote devices;

– quality of power supply and specific features of devices themselves.

The lengths of different cable types without regard to impact of negative factors are given below, active cable lengths are given within brackets.

Depending on manufacturer and quality, the possible cable lengths may differ from those presented below.

USB 5 (25*) m – five 5-m segments.

10 m
5 (40) m
DVI 1280 x 1024
15 m
DVI 1920 x 1200
10 m
DVI active
61 m
VGA 640 x 480
50 m
VGA 800 x 600
30 m
VGA 1024 x 768
15 m
VGA 1366 x 768
12 m
VGA 1600 x 1200
5 m

On this basis, a distance up to 10m seems to be the best between workplaces and the system unit without using additional equipment to make the distance longer.

Before purchasing the cables it is advisable to clarify the specification with the seller or, better still to check on spot.

There is a lot of devices which allow for increasing this distance many times. They are different KVM extension systems as well as VGA/USB twisted pair extenders, but these solutions have not been tested in practice, and we do not guarantee the flawless operation of devices connected using extension systems.


Intrinsically, the Aster program practically does not increase loading upon system so an optimal computer configuration:

  • for 2 users in most instances does not differ from an optimal single user (for given tasks) computer configuration. Except perhaps you may add 2-4 GB RAM – there is never too much memory.
  • for 3-6 users it is a good idea to have CPU with a performance level 1-2 times higher, to increase RAM space in proportion to the number of users, install SSD and a PSU with power reserve. An optimal RAM space for a single user is about 2 GB for an office PC and 4 GB and higher for a multimedia/game-playing machine.

For a greater number of workplaces you need anyway the preliminary system testing and adjustment. Free downloading the 30-day version of Aster you may here: http://www.ibik.ru/ru/downloads, a tryout version has no functionality restrictions and is limited just by a free to use time.

2. 如何執行應用程式串流在 2 個額外的工作站

Simultaneous start-up of the application Steam two or more times is possible using a special program (so called “sandbox”). There are several programs of this type including embedded in antivirus. Launching was tested by means of the program Sandboxie. Upon its installation in the shortcut context menu appears the menu item “Launch in sandbox”. In the free version you can use only one sandbox at a time, however this is enough to start two copies of the Steam. For example, on the first work place we start the Steam in the usual fashion, and on the second in the sandbox. As a result, we get one copy of the Steam client on each work place (for each copy its own Steam account is required). In that manner you can also launch certain applications/games which don’t directly support the start-up of several their copies.

When problems appear, especially with online games, when you run Steam, in Sandboxie you should check the box “Run as UAC Administrator” . Game “Dota2” can serve as an example. Here you cannot start searching for the game while the players from Aster workstations are united in one group.

3. 如何重新啟用 Aster?

Two ways of Aster reactivation are possible.

1. By spending the limit of serial number activations. It occurs always when Aster is activated via Internet as defined in Clause 5 User’s Manual. This method is acceptable only in case of PC replacement or replacement of your PC’s processor.

2. Without spending the limit of serial number activations.

You have to use this method when there have been no changes in equipment configuration. It may be required after OS reinstallation. For Aster reactivation in this case it is sufficient in a new OS to run reg file that Aster offers to store after reactivation by the first method. Make sure to store it in order not to spend activations in future, after OS reinstallation. A good choice is generation of an image of HD system partition from OS (adjusted if possible) which will allow in a matter of minutes to restore the system after any malfunctions including virus infection etc. and gain time on restoration. A number of activations fulfilled is given on page in section Serial number parameters.

4. 重要說明和已知問題 (僅與在 Windows 10 上執行相關)

1. 在 Windows 10 啟用 Aster 軟體前,您需要延展桌面在所有的顯示器並為每個顯示器設定想要的解析度。

2. 變更解析度的應用程式可能無法正常工作,特別是遊戲應用程式可能無法進入全螢幕模式。 對於執行遊戲,請使用其視窗模式。

5. 防毒軟體相容性

General recommendations: install antiviruses while ASTER program is turned off, with mandatory reboot, and it is desirable only for the account of the first workplace.

Following antiviruses are tested: Kaspersky Antivirus for WindowsWorkstations, AVGAntivirusFree, AviraFreeAntivirus, G-Data, AvastFreeAntivirus, NortonInternetSecurity, Nod 32, Dr. Web.

On WinXP there were last 3 antiviruses gotten started only on the first workplace.

On Win7 there were all tested antiviruses gotten started on the extra workplaces, except Dr. Web. All tested antiviruses were eliminating a threat in case of detecting a virus, even if they got started only on the first workplace.

Known troubles and ways of solving: Some antiviruses (AVGAntivirusFree, AviraFreeAntivirus, NortonInternetSecurity) block working of the ASTER service. Wherein extra workplaces are not getting started, ASTER is turning on with the error “service denial code: 64.000000.000000 69.000000.000001”, and antivirus can show a message about a virus threat.

In order antivirus has not been blocking ASTER program working, add the folder with the installed ASTER to the exception – C:\WINDOWS\system32\mute32.dll for WinXP, C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\mutenx.sys for Win7/8.

While using Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 it’s necessary to disable self-defense in the antivirus settings additionally.

6. 啟動 Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 瀏覽器在額外工作站

First of all, create a personal account for every computer user. To make it, choose the option “Control panel” at the Start menu, and then click an element “Users’ accounts” twice.

Also you can set an automatic login with an account data of the certain user. You can do it at the “Enter” tab of the ASTER V7 Control panel.

To start Mozilla Firefox it has to be enough, and you’d better reinstall Chrome, set it for all accounts at the computer with the alternative setup file (下載 Google Chrome 替代安裝程式)

* It is irrelevant, but it is recommended to install plugin AdBlock for any browser in order to avoid ads and some other stuff.

7. ASTER 的授權和更新條款

我們建議閱讀 ASTER 的授權和更新條款

8. 與外部顯示卡的相容性

Aster 目前支援使用基於 ATI / Nvidia / Intel 晶片組的內建顯示卡。 顯示器也可以透過 FrescoLogic 晶片和 DispalyLink 晶片 (需要 v2.16 以上) 的 USB 顯示卡連接,以及 無線顯示器 (WiDi)。 不支援外部顯示模擬之類的軟體,如 AirDisplay 或 IDisplay。

9. 我如何能遠端存取電腦?

1. RDP 連線。

The terminal computer access will work correctly only when TS is unblocked, i.e. the local user is not disabled when the login is remote. * The personal profile for RDP connection must have a password (RDP connection peculiarity)

2. 使用 RAdmin, TeamViewer, UltraVNC, 等之類的遠端遙控軟體連線。

Remote access programs working in the utility mode and/or using the mirror-driver cannot be used for connecting to extra working stations in ASTER. In order to get the possibility of remote control of all working stations one has to use administration programs which can run as custom applications, and not as utilities, in other words several copies can work simultaneously.

The situation is as follows when we are talking about a particular program: Radmin is truly single-user software which can work only with the first working station in ASTER.

*For x64 systems extra settings are required for proper operation. (The case when the mirror-driver is displayed in the ASTER control panel).

In the ASTER control panel in the Video tab the monitors should be assigned to the working stations in the usual manner and the working station number should be erased for the mirror-driver. After applying these settings you must find parameter in the Registry editor. There could be several such parameters, but one of them will have the value 0xffffffff (4294967295). Set this parameter to 0 and reboot your computer. After this Radmin should start working again.

TeamViewer works properly in all working stations. You should by no means install the HOST version. It might also be started without installing. The drawback is the impossibility of connecting to several working stations simultaneously. If you run it in several working stations you will be able to connect only to the last launched client TeamViewer.

UltraVNC and similar software allows connecting to working stations independently. However, a further setting of the software might be required in order to be able to use different ports / connection screens, as well as ASTER setting for the application of different IP-аddresses.

10. Aster v2 授權轉移 / 重新啟用

1. The new ASTER version allows for deactivating the license, for example, for transferring to the other hardware.
Below are listed the events when you have to perform deactivation on which completion the current keys become invalid and you will obtain new ones instead:

a) Transfer of the ASTER license to the other computer
b) CPU replacement
c) Replacement of the hard disk with Windows where ASTER is installed
d) Transfer of Windows from one hard disk to another.
e) Rejection of the product and request to refund money.

In other events of the change of equipment (for example, addition/replacement of network cards, memory upgrade, etc.), deactivation is not needed.

In case of an unforeseen replacement of HDD or CPU (as a result of failure thereof), you have to contact the support team and submit the technical report and ASTER activation codes which have been used on this computer.

If several ASTER licenses have been activated on a single PC (for example, through error) you may select the ones you wish to deactivate.

IMPORTANT!!!The deactivation procedure is applicable only for Pro license, HOME license cannot be deactivated.

2. Software reactivation in cases when deactivation is not required (for example, after reinstallation of operating system on the same HDD) may be carried out as many times as you wish using the available key (i.e. the same as during the first ASTER installation).

11. 如何設定沒有顯示器的工作站?

To run workplaces you have to link a monitor. However you may simulate a connected monitor by means of a dummy panel, or if the monitor has several interfaces (for example, VGA+DVI), you may connect one monitor several times, in doing so you may switch between workplaces just by selecting a required signal on the monitor..

Aster V7 影片指南

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