ASTER 的授權和更新條款

Attention! The ASTER license is valid only for one computer – with unchanged CPU and HDD it remains valid with any changes of hardware/software including disk formatting, Windows reset, etc. All ASTER licenses except Home can be used for an unlimited time. The validity of the license ASTER Home is 1 year.

There are several types of licenses for the software ASTER application:

  • Basic license Pro for 2, 6 or 12 working places for an unlimited time. This license also allows for connecting additional terminals (up to 12) by activation of additional licenses Pro. The basic license for 2, 6 or 12 working places may be activated or transferred only entirely – a partial activation at several computers is not supported.
  • License Pro for 1 additional working place. This license is intended for an unlimited time, but it allows only connecting additional (up to 12) terminals for the already available basic licenses Pro – it cannot be activated independently without the preset basic license.
  • License Home - only 2 terminals for 1 year. The version АСТЕР Home is sold only with the annual license, i.e. within 1 year after activation you will have to purchase a new license. Also, the version Home supports only 2 working places and cannot be expanded for more.

All ASTER versions throughout the year after activation can be upgraded to the latest ASTER version free of charge. The version 2.00 and higher are upgraded automatically – without entering a new key, for previous versions please send the operating activation key to [email protected] – we will send a new key to you.

After 1 year all versions except Home can be upgraded at 50% discount: for versions 2.x and higher you have to purchase a special license for extension of the upgrade validity, for the rest – just send the operating activation key to [email protected] – we will send the 50% discount coupon to you.

Attention! A maximum number of ASTER working places on one computer: 12. In order to connect additional working places please activate the additional license Pro. Before payment, you have to switch on an additional working place in the test mode and check its efficiency with a specific configuration of hardware/software.

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